Kinesiology Sports Medicine Certificate of Proficiency

A series of classes that will help give students a complete understanding of all aspects in the field of sports medicine.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to recognize and select appropriate athletic injury management response.
  2. Students will be able to assess and interpret sport-related injury information then explain that information to players, coaches, athletic trainers, and medical personnel.

Required Course Units

KNHE 101, Healthful Living 3 units
KNHE 104, Nutrition & Fitness 2 units
KNHE 105, First Aid & Personal Safety 1.5 units
KNHE 107, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 2 units
KNSM 101*, Introduction to Sports Medicine 3 units and KNPR* Athletic Training Internship 2 units
KNPR 125, Sports Psychology 3 units


Total Units 21.5-23.5


*KNSM 101 & KNPR 110 must be taken together.

KNHE 101 Healthful Living  Units: 3 Lecture Hours:48 CSU, UC 
A comprehensive look at factors that impact people's health, longevity and lifetime wellness. Areas covered will be personal fitness, nutrition, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, and degenerative diseases including cancer heart disease, strokes and diabetes.
KNHE 104 Nutrition and Fitness  Units: 2 Lecture Hours:32 CSU, UC          
An applied nutrition course to improve the nutrition and health of active individuals. The course will focus on lifestyle, disease prevention, fitness, weight control, and the basic concepts of good nutrition.
KNHE 105 First Aid and Personal Safety Units: 1.5 Lecture Hours:24 CSU, UC   
This course involves the theory and detailed demonstration of first aid care. Students learn accident prevention, assessing victim's condition, and immediate care to accident victims. American Heart Association first aid certification upon successful completion. May be repeated for re-certification. Completion of KNHE 105
KNHE 107 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  Units: 2 Lecture Hours:32           
This course involves the theory and detailed demonstration in artificial respiration and manual artificial circulation (CPR) that is recommended for use in cardiac arrest cases. Instruction in the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is included. Successful completion may lead to American Heart Association Heartsaver or Health Care Provider with AED Certificate. May be repeated for re-certification. Completion of KNHE 105 & KNHE equates to C-ID KIN 101.

KNMS 101 Introduction to Sports Medicine  Units: 3 Lecture Hours:48 CSU, UC   
This course is designed to be an introduction to the field of sports medicine/athletic training. It includes exposure to basic human anatomy and common athletic injuries as well as appropriate injury management strategies. 
KNPR 110 Occupational Work Experience  Units: 1-4  Lecture Hours:60-240           
Students must be concurrently enrolled or have completed KNSM 101 or the Fitness Specialist Certificate Program. Application must be approved by the Kinesiology Department Chair. This work experience course consists of supervised unpaid employment in an Athletic, Allied Health, or Fitness related setting. It is designed to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes, and skills related to the student's educational major. Credit may be accrued at the rate of one to four units per semester for a maximum of sixteen units. Sixty hours of unpaid work equals one unit of credit. Student repetition is allowed per title 5 section 55253; however, only one unit may be applied toward major requirements or a certificate. Grade: Pass/No Pass only. Open Entry/Open Exit. 
KNPR 125 Sports Psychology Units: 3 Lecture Hours:48 CSU   
An academic and practical examination of the psychological aspects of sport concentrating on the scientifically proven methods of enhancing athletic performance through psychological training.