2010 Testimonials

Nicole Mendoza
Transferred to Whittier College


"The coaching staff at SAC helped me to get the most out of my two years there and helped me to gain confidence on the field and in the classroom. [Coaches] Nutter and [Rapoza] did a great job in helping the sophomores get out of a [community college] and on to the four-year plane. The coaching staff was genuinely there to help every single one of us grow, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of women to coach me and look up to on and off the field. 

I probably would not have played college ball if it wasn't for SAC. I got hundreds of at bats there that helped me at Whittier College to earn my .374 batting average my junior season along with being on the All-
Conference team and hit 7th overall in conference, as well as my .394 average my senior season. I was named Second-Team All-Conference my senior year and best offensive player junior and senior year. 

I learned how to become more of a leader on the field at SAC. I grew confidence in the classroom and I now am looking into grad schools. SAC helped mold me into the player and student I now am, and I could not thank them enough for the opportunity."