2013 Testimonials

Eryn Martinez
Transferred to Mercy College (NY)

Alexandra Perkins
Transferred to the University of Tennessee 

"I never thought attending a community college could have such a great impact on me. Attending Santa Ana College and being part of the softball program helped me academically and athletically. I was able to acquire my Associate Degree in exactly two years just like I would have if I attended a four year university. With the schools support system of teachers, faculty, and coaches, they made it possible. The softball program is very special because it is designed to offer athletes the tools to become successful on and off the field. The coaches never give up on athletes. Santa Ana coaches always challenge and help their athletes reach their full potential. Coming here has given me the confidence I need to accomplish anything I put my mind to and has prepared me well for the next level of my softball career and education." "Santa Ana was the perfect college for me to go to. I needed some place relatively close to home and a place in which I would be able to use as a stepping stone to reach my ultimate goal of going to a four-year and playing D-1 softball. Santa Ana did that for me and set me up perfectly to follow my dreams all the way across the nation to the school I have always dreamed of attending, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville."

Becky Poirier
Transferred to Cal State Monterey Bay


Devon Rodriguez
Transferred to the University of Buffalo 

"Santa Ana College has meant so much to me over the past two years.  It has provided me with a great start to my college education and also my softball career.  I have always had good things to say about SAC to my family and friends.  My experience at SAC has allowed me to grow as a person and it has helped me develop into an adult by teaching me responsibility and discipline, yet it has also provided me with opportunities to get myself out there, meet new people, and have fun in the process.  One of the many areas that has helped me get to where I am today would be the athletics program.  Being apart of the SAC softball team has been such a great experience because I met many great girls that I had the pleasure of calling my "teammates", and also amazing coaches, who have taught me life-long lessons that I can carry out for the rest of my life.  Being apart of this school and athletic program has allowed me to continue my college education and softball career at Cal State University, Monterey Bay, which so far I am loving.  If it weren't for this school, I may have not been set on this bright path to success and happiness."
 "Coming out of high school I knew I wanted to go to community college to give myself time to figure out what I wanted to become and better my academic and athletic abilities. Santa Ana has been the place to do that. The time I have spent at Santa Ana has helped me better my academic skills and athletic abilities. Santa Ana is a community that surrounds you with support from the professors, coaches, trainers and staff. I now know I am ready to make the transition to a university and D-I sports program and be successful. Santa Ana has helped me realize my dreams and helped me gain the confidence in the classroom and on the softball field to go realize them!"

Natalie Valdez
Transferred to Missouri Valley

"Santa Ana College has really helped me move on to the next level by making sure I got all the classes I needed to transfer.  Playing softball at SAC has really kept me motivated to keep up with my studies and continue to play in the next level.  The coaches and staff are very helpful when it comes to getting all the necessary classes.  The coaches work very hard to help all the students who are transferring find a good four-year school."