Dons Fall to Palomar in Southwest Conference Home Match

Dons Fall to Palomar in Southwest Conference Home Match

SANTA ANA- The Dons close out the last Southwest Conference home match with a 43-6 loss over visiting Palomar College. The Dons are now 1-2 in conference.

125 Pounds- Robert Garcia (PAL) wins by forfeit

135 Pounds- Brandon McCurdy (PAL) wins by forfeit

141 Pounds- Alberto Garcia (PAL) win by forfeit

149 Pounds- Chris Kimball (PAL) def. Luis Cervantes (SAC) 23-8

The first period started with a takedown for Palomar's Chris Kimball and an escape for Luis Cervantes. The Comets came back with another takedown to bring the score for the lead to 6-2. Cervantes fell to a two point ear fall and ended the first period at 10-3. In the second period, Palomar's Chris Kimball then had three takedowns against Luis Cervantes and ended the second period at 18-7. Palomar had another takedown with 50 seconds left in the third period and won the match against Luis Cervantes to make the score 23-8.

157 Pounds- Jessy Diaz (PAL) def. Tristan Steinman (SAC) 5-4

Tristan Steinman opened the period with a takedown against Palomar's Jessy Diaz. Diaz escaped from the takedown and ended the first period with a score of 2-1 for Santa Ana. Dons' Tristan Steinman had an escape early in the second period.  Diaz then had a takedown against Steinman at the end of the second period to bring the score to a 3-3 tie. Diaz escaped from Steinman for a point in the third period, but then Steinman scored a takedown with ten seconds left for the 5-4 win for the Dons. 

165 Pounds- Lee Valdez (PAL) def. Brandon Tierney (SAC) 8-6

Palomar's Lee Valdez scored a takedown with two minutes left in the first period against SAC's Brandon Tierney. Tierney escaped, but was brought down again by Valdez. Tierney scored one more point with seven seconds left to bring the score up to 2-4. During the second period, Valdez escaped from Tierney to bring the score up to 5-4 for the Comets. In the third period, Tierney opened with a takedown and an arm bar to hold Valdez down. Valdez escaped for a point to tie 6-6 and go into overtime. Valdez scored a takedown to win 8-6 for Palomar in overtime decision.

174 Pounds- Armon Fayazi (SAC) def. Braulio Banuelos (PAL) 8-5

In the first period, the wrestlers remained scoreless. In the second period, Armon Fayazi scored the first points of the period with an escape. Palomar's Banuelos had a take down, but Fayazi reacted back with another takedown to tie the score 4-4. Fayazi scored a takedown in the third period, but Banuelos escaped. Fayazi landed one more takedown for the 8-5 win for the Dons.

184 Pounds- Bruce Valdez (PAL) wins by forfeit

197 Pounds- Alex Gomez (PAL) wins by forfeit

HWT- Chance Eskam def. Heriberto (Eddie) Salgado (6-0)

Palomar's Chance Eskam pinned Salgado down at the 21 second mark for the win.