Parking Information

All visitors to Santa Ana College must purchase a temporary parking pass for $2, which allows them to park in a student parking lot. Visitors to Santa Ana College can not park in staff lots. The location of parking passes are identified by a $ on the map below and are highlighted in yellow.

Any vehicle without a proper parking pass will be cited.

All parking on campus property requires possession and proper display of a valid parking permit at all times. Possession of a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. Parking is authorized only in those areas designated for the type of permit issued. Parking must be in full accordance with the signs posted and/or these written regulations. To view Santa Ana College's parking regulations, please click HERE.

Please refer to the following parking lot recommendations below as they pertain to the event you are attending. Each lot is identified by its corresponding number on the map located at the bottom of the page. We thank you for your understanding.

Lot 9 has had multiple rows, closest to the softball field, closed for construction. Entrance to the softball field can still be accessed through the main gate behind home plate. Visitors are advised to park in Lot 8 or Lot 7. See map below.

Please allow ample time to find parking when attending events. Parking spaces are limited on campus. 

Lot 12

Men's and Women's Basketball
Lot 1 (Visitor parking is permitted after 4 PM) 

Men's and Women's Soccer
Lot 12

Lot 8 or Lot 7

Men's and Women's Track & Field
Lot 12

Lot 1 (Visitor parking is permitted after 4 PM)

Men's and Women's Water Polo
Lot 12 or Lot 1 (Visitor parking is permitted after 4 PM)

Lot 1 (Visitor parking is permitted after 4 PM)